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What is the 'Being Cycle Wise' Program?


Being Cycle Wise is an all-encompassing menstrual health & wellbeing program delivered by industry leading women’s health educator Sara Harris.

Designed for both primary school students in years 5 & 6. And for secondary school students in years 7 - 10. 


The Cycle Wise Program develops key transferable life skills in girls & menstruating young people by educating them to understand their bodies and their menstrual cycle and be wise to the body’s changes - rather than at the mercy of them. The program guides teens through a process where they learn how to maximise one’s potential, with confidence and empowerment during their school years and life beyond school.

This program is a prevention approach, providing a foundational and essential life-skill for young women. Students are provided with a Cycle Wise Diary, so as to facilitate the opportunity for them to ‘embody’ what they learn, rather than just getting the information.

Presentation Topics

Part 1


  • The History of Menstruation

  • Myths & Misconceptions that feed the stigma around periods

  • Understanding the Menstrual Cycle & the support it provides


  • To bring awareness to where the narrative around periods come from

  • Bust common myths surrounding the topic of periods

  • To foster an appreciation for the female body and nurture positive body image

Part 2


  • The Female Body and its magnificent intelligence

  • All about hormones and why they matter

  • Ovulation – the main event!


  • To bring awareness to the intricacy of how the female body works

  • To bring understanding to hormones and how they support us

  • To bring focus to ovulation - learn how to predict when ovulation will occur

  • To identify the many changes that occur throughout the cycle

Part 3


  • How lifestyle choices impact your cycle

  • Hormone disruptors – what to be aware of

  • How to stress less – Body Awareness & Meditation


  • To bring awareness to how we live and how this impacts on our period

  • To bring awareness to the link between hormones and our mental health

  • To develop strategies to deal with stress in a very practical way

  • To develop lifestyle and diet strategies to support period health

Part 4


  • How to maximise your potential & build inner confidence

  • Building positive body image 

  • How to seek support for period/hormone health

  • How to avoid missing school and other important life activities


  • To bring focus to the different phases of the cycle 

  • To build an appreciation of the body and how it works. 

  • To develop strategies to support the changes that occur in the body

Live or Online Delivery

  • Choose 'live' or 'online' delivery.

  • 4 x 90 minute sessions over 4 consecutive weeks

  • All students receive a Cycle Wise Diary

  • Teachers receive post program bonus support material

Parent Session (optional)

  • 1 hour online delivery

  • No limit to numbers in attendance. Registration is required

Get in touch for further details on cost and how to tailor this ground-breaking program to your school/cohort. 


All students receive a Cycle Wise diary!

Teachers will have access to bonus video material until the end of the school year. These materials will bring more focus to topics already covered in the program, along with body awareness recordings and meditations. 


Build body literacy.

Bring understanding.

Embrace the ebb & flow.

Know when to get support.

Live your potential.

The program covers:

Understanding Period Problems

Lifestyle & Exercise for
Hormonal Balance
Dealing with Stress &
Supporting Mental Health
Building a Relationship with
your body: Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

About Sara Harris

BHSc, Grad Dip Couns, MWomHMed, CertIV TAE

081  SaraHarris4157_edited_edited.jpg

Sara is the founder of Follow your Flow and Cycle Wise Education. Her study and work in the area of women’s health spans across two decades. She has worked in private practice along with running programs, courses and events to support girls and women reignite their relationship with themselves.

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'Sara works in such a positive and respectful way with her students, both individually and as a class. Her skillset and insightful knowledge of meditation, individual counselling and group support have been greatly appreciated by the college and me personally. She is a wonderful practitioner'

Wayne Davis

Head of Wellbeing

Bentleigh Secondary College

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